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Renew a Business Name

Renew For 1 Year


Renew For 3 Years


Renew a Business Name

If you currently trade under a business name and you intend to keep trading, you will need to renew your business name every few years. Failure to renew your business name registration could mean that the business name will be de-registered and becomes available to the public for registration.
ASIC will advise you at least 28 days before the expiry date of your registered business name.
Your renewal notice is sent to:
  • the registered business address, or
  • the email address provided upon registration.
If your renewal notice has not been sent to you then you may need to contact ASIC to obtain the renewal notice as you may have changed your details and not advised ASIC.
If you register or renew your business name with Shelcom, we will monitor your business name registration and when it comes time for renewal, we will notify you that your renewal notice needs to be paid so your business name stays registered.
Should you allow the business name registration to lapse, ASIC will permit another person to register the business name.